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This 2-year apprenticeship program, following a Bachelor’s degree (Bac +3) or a European level 6 title, is affiliated with the CFA of St Paul-Bourdon-Blanc in Orléans and in partnership with the GES Network (Specialized Grandes Écoles). The professional certification in Interior Architecture and Space Design, at European level 7, is designed for individuals capable of working in the following areas:

Conceptualization and representation of projects for private, public, or commercial interior spaces, whether permanent or temporary.
Project management and verification of their compliance with the initial project.
The professional is both a creator and a manager, committed alongside the client with an obligation to deliver results. The professional activities revolve around five main axes:

Project analysis and advisory role to the client.
Design of interior architecture projects.
Representation and dissemination of interior architecture projects.
Project management of interior architecture projects.
Management and commercial development of a practice.

Icône admission


Pre requisite

Hold a Bachelor's degree (Bac+3) or a European level 6 bachelor's degree in:
- DNMADE specializing in Space or Event,
- Bachelor in Space Design.

Admission requirements

- Eligibility based on application, portfolio, and interview.
- Age requirement: 16 to 29 years (beyond for people with disabilities - RQTH).
- Admission decision communicated to the candidate within a maximum of 3 weeks.

Icône Objectifs pédagogiques

Our journey terms

Duration of formation

- 2 years,
- starting from September.

Type of contract



In the workplace and at the Ste Marguerite campus (UFA), following the annual calendar.

Number of participants

Maximum of 16 students.

Icône Atouts

Our strengths

Offre de formation diversifiée

Diversified training offering

Accompagnement personnalisé

Personalized support

Structure à taille humaine

Human-sized structure

Ancrage réalité professionnelle

Anchored in professional reality

Partenariats locaux et internationaux

Local and international partnerships

Icône Enseignement

Our teaching

Skills block 1

Analysis of an interior architecture project and advisory role to the client.

Skills block 2

Design and dissemination of an interior architecture project.

Skills block 3

Project management of an interior architecture project.

Skills block 4

Management and commercial development of an agency or a specialized interior architecture firm.

To obtain the certification, the candidate must cumulatively validate the 4 competency blocks constituting the certification.

- Research, analysis, and reflection projects.
- Practical cases.
- Professional situational assessments.
- Oral defenses.

Play Video about Pôle supérieur Ste Marguerite

Présentation du campus Ste Marguerite en vidéo.

Icône Schéma des études

Outline of studies

Schéma des études DNMADe Événement + Mastère Architecture
Icône Débouchés professionnels

Professional opportunities

  • Interior Architecture Designer
  • Space Designer, Space Planner
  • Interior Design Conceptualizer
  • Agency Director
  • Artistic Director
  • Environmental Designer


Formation rate

In apprenticeship, funding is provided by FRANCE Compétences and managed by the Competence Operator (OPCO).


Icône Stages

Les stages

Full-time: 8 weeks.
Alternance: not identified

Icône Localisation


Campus Ste Marguerite

1 rue Horizon Vert
37176 Chambray-lès-Tours
Phone: +332 47 74 80 04
E-mail: alternance@sfda37.fr

Disability coordinator*
E-mail : vipericard@stpbb.org

*The training center welcomes individuals with disabilities, thereby aligning with the provisions of Law No. 2018-771 of September 5, 2018, concerning the freedom to choose one’s professional future. It offers:
• Facilities accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM)
• Reception by a designated disability liaison
• Adaptation of the training program
• Close collaboration with partners and stakeholders involved in the training process.
The disability liaison:
• Provides personalized and tailored assistance as per individual needs
• Acts as a liaison with host organizations
• Ensures follow-up and support throughout the apprenticeship contract.

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Certified Title in Partnership with the GES Network (Specialized Grandes Écoles)
The Master’s in Interior Architecture and Space Design is a program leading to the certification of Interior Architect – Space Designer, a Level 7 title recognized by the State. This certification is registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications by the decision of the Director General of France Compétences dated 02/03/2020 and is issued under the authority of EFET Studio Créa (NSF codes 233n and 200n).

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