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DNMADe event/ space design for promotional events

3 years- National diploma in arts and design- National education- Level 6 European-180 ECTS

National diploma in arts and design, this formation in 3 years worth the Bachelor’s degree. DNMADE Event, speciality space design for promotional event, form a space designers to work in the fields of scenography, interior design, event communication space, rehabilitation of the heritage and the places of sale. 20 places are available in first year as well as in 2nd and 3 year in DNMADE Event at the campus Ste Marguerite in Chambray les Tours.

Note: this DNMADE Event does not train in the organization and  the logistics of events.

Icône admission


Pre requisite

Hold a general baccalaureate, a technological baccalaureate STD2A, a baccalaureate pro crafts and crafts or a BMA.
- Interest for arts and design
- Interest for fields of creation
- Curiosity about the world and society
- Drawing practice, sense of creativity
- Teamwork skills
- Analytical and synthesis skills
- Oral and written communication skills
- Skills in digital and digitized environments
- Organizational, initiative and autonomy skills

Admission requirements

Selective entry on application via Parcoursup with motivated personal project and completed with elements to describe the visual and artistic universe of the candidate.

Icône Objectifs pédagogiques

Our educational objectives

To train future competent and invested professionals.

Icône Atouts

Our strengths

Offre de formation diversifiée

Diversified training offering

Accompagnement personnalisé

Personalized support

Structure à taille humaine

Human-sized structure

Ancrage réalité professionnelle

Anchored in professional reality

Partenariats locaux et internationaux

Local and international partnerships

Icône Enseignement

Our teaching

Project pedagogy

Projects rooted in professional reality to gain autonomy and responsibility

Active pedagogy

Play Video about arts et design en DNMADe et STD2A

Présentation des Arts et Design au campus Ste Marguerite en vidéo.

Exemple de pédagogie de projet

Play Video about Design engage - DNMADe Événement

Le projet ” DESIGN ENGAGE ” mené par Stéphanie GHERISSI, designer d’espaces, en collaboration avec la communauté Emmaüs de Touraine, le pôle supérieur Ste Marguerite, le lycée d’Arsonval, le Cercle Digital et le Centre de Création Contemporaine Olivier Debré.

Icône Schéma des études

Outline of studies

Schéma des études DNMADe Événement + Mastère Architecture
Picto Poursuite des études

Further studies

  • DSAA design mention espace
  • DNSEP communication option
  • National Advanced Diploma in Decorative Arts

Icône Débouchés professionnels

Professional opportunities

  • Set designer
  • Shopkeeper
  • Interior designer
  • Creative Director


Formation rate

New school year 2024, excluding MSC insurance, BVE contribution, Apel contributions:

– 1st year : €1,270

– 2nd year : €2,166

– 3rd year : €2,166


Icône Stages


2 weeks of mandatory internship in 1st year and 12 weeks of internship in 2nd year.

Icône Localisation


Campus Ste Marguerite

1 rue Horizon Vert
37176 Chambray-lès-Tours
Phone: +332 47 74 80 00
E-mail: secretariat.ensup@sfda37.fr

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