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Bachelor Animation 3D, game art

3 years- professional certification- RNCP title N°36443 - Level 6 European

This 3-year training, after a Bac STD2A or other, is attached to the CFA of St Paul- Bourdon-Blanc in Orléans and in partnership with the GES network.
The professional certification Animation 3D, game art, European level 6, is aimed at young people passionate about drawing and digital technologies. 24 places are available for this bachelor, at the top pole Sainte Marguerite in Chambray les Tours.
The strength of this training is its financial accessibility to all motivated young people: 3 years of study, without preparatory year and the 3rd year in alternance, for a better integration in the professional world. That is tuition fees for the first 2 years of study, the 3rd being covered for alternants by the OPCO.

Icône admission


Pre requisite

- STD2A or other
- Passion for animation, video games, new technologies
- Practice of regular drawing

Admission requirements

- Job interview
- Book

Icône Objectifs pédagogiques

Our educational objectives

Aimed at fans of animation and video games, the Bachelor Animation 3D, game art, aims to acquire the professional skills of general 3D.

Icône Atouts

Our strengths

Offre de formation diversifiée

Diversified training offering

Accompagnement personnalisé

Personalized support

Structure à taille humaine

Human-sized structure

Ancrage réalité professionnelle

Anchored in professional reality

Partenariats locaux et internationaux

Local and international partnerships

Icône Enseignement

Our teaching

Play Video about Pôle supérieur Ste Marguerite

Présentation du pôle supérieur Ste Marguerite en vidéo.

Icône Schéma des études

Outline of studies

Schéma des études en Bachelor Animation 3D
Picto Poursuite des études

Further studies

  • Master’s degree in real-time animation
  • Master’s degree in digital project management

Icône Débouchés professionnels

Professional opportunities

  • Concept artist
  • Environment artist
  • Character artist
  • Digital designer
  • 3D animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Rigger
  • Motion designer


Icône Stages


1 month in 1st year, 1 to 2 months abroad in second year, eligible for the Erasmus+

Picto Poursuite des études


  • Training fee: 3rd year free for alternants.

Support is provided by FRANCE COMPÉTENCES and managed by the skills operator (OPCO).

  • Pace: 1 to 3 weeks in company or school.

Formation rate

1. Initial Formation (2023 and 2024 Receipts):
Application fees:
60€ (only for the first year).
These costs will not be reimbursed in the event of withdrawal.

€6440 for the 1st year (2023-2024).
• €6700 for the second year (2024-2025).

2. Alternance formation in the 3rd year (back to 2025):
Free for the alternants.
Support is provided by FRANCE COMPÉTENCES and managed by the skills operator (OPCO).

Icône Localisation


Top pole Ste Marguerite

1 rue Horizon Vert
37176 Chambray-lès-Tours
Phone: +336 75 69 64 33
E-mail: communication@sfda37.fr

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Certified in partnership with the GES Network (Grandes Écoles Spécialisés).
The bachelor 3D animation, game art is a training leading to the certification Digital Designer, A level 6 credential recognized by the State, registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications registered by decision of the Director General of France Competencies dated 01/06/2022 issued under the authority SAS VIDENUM – ICAN (code NSF 323n).

© Photos : Siyuan et Kobu Agency – Unsplash,  travaux d’étudiants de Mathieu GITEAU, Arnaud PEPIN-DONAT et Carl LEROUX-TABAREAU et groupe scolaire St François d’Assise

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